IPCA / Silolona Luxury Cruise to Indonesia

Departing October 2014...

Follow in the footsteps of the world's great adventurers...

The Pacific island of New Guinea is among the world's most exotic destinations – pristine coral reefs, untrammeled tropical rainforests teeming with wondrous arrays of birdlife, tree kangaroos, the biggest butterflies in the world, and one of the most culturally diverse islands on Earth.

Indo-Pacific Conservation Alliance (IPCA) has arranged for a premier group of ten elite eco-conscious travelers to join us on a cruise of the wild New Guinea coast aboard the luxurious 5-star sailing vessel, the Silolona.

This voyage will take you to sites that only a very few outsiders have ever visited. You'll be guided by one of the most highly-regarded, elite-travel professionals with decades of experience in the region, Ms. Patti Serry, along with two experts in conservation and science, Dr. Andrew Mack (IPCA) & Dr. Ed Scholes (Cornell University).

For 10 days you will experience the island's extraordinary and pristine ecosystems - swimming with whale sharks one day and marveling at the stunning courtship of the rare Wilson's Bird of Paradise. You'll dive some of the richest and most unspoiled coral reefs in the world. Experience the traditions of coastal Papuan fishermen, chronicled by the great British naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace 150 years ago in his classic book The Malay Archipelago. This is an exclusive arrangement to join an elite luxury cruise to this “land of the unexpected” that also directly supports conservation in New Guinea. You'll travel in style while also helping protect some of the planetʼs last and healthiest rainforests and coral reefs.

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